Artist statement

I love working with clay, its primal qualities and the boundless creative applications possible…

I have been working as a ceramic designer for the past 12 years in Switzerland, the UK, France and Israel. Influenced by my multicultural background and many transitions and inspired by events in my life and the different nature around me, I communicate with my inner feelings through my forms, using classical techniques in innovative ways.

My work represents a combination of art and design; two worlds in between which I travel daily in my practice exploring different types of tension. My pieces grow out of me in a step-by-step process from the concept, through research and into production.

I often unite more than one element to create dialogues that sometimes bring dualities and sometimes chaos and am intrigued by the rhythm created by sequential repetition.

My completed projects often hold inside them a thread that leads me to my next project, thereby creating a body of work that is continuously evolving, but remains connected to my core.

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  1. What a lovely website. Since we have seen most of the pieces in real life, we can attest to their amazing unique design and artistic integrity. The “thread” of connection is felt and expressed so gently, sensitively and lingeringly throughout.
    Looking forward to your exhibition at Museum HaAretz.
    Beautiful work,
    Much love
    Jude and John

  2. Hello!

    I hope that this email finds you well.

    I graduated from the CSM MA Design course (Furniture) in 2014. Myself and two other graduates from the course, Noor Fares (Jewellery) and Flora Bhattachary (Jewellery), have decided to curate an exhibition at Zaha Hadid’s gallery for the 15-17th April.

    I am writing to ask if you would like your work to be included in the show? We have hand selected work from all three disciplines of the course, from more recent graduates to more established alumni. This is a fantastic opportunity for your work and one that we are very excited to make happen.

    This is just an initial email to reach out to you to see if you’re interested- if you are then please let me know and I’ll send you some further details/information.

    Many thanks and I look forward to hearing from you!


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